Elektronet TVM, with its user-friendly interface, is a new generation alternative distribution channel platform for automatic fare collection and ticketing solutions for the public transportation sector within smart city systems and where public transportation materials (contactless card, ticket, token) may be accessed 24/7.

Features of Ticket Vending Machine (TVM):
• Transportation Card Issuing
• Top Up to Transportation Cards
• Top Up to Transportation Cards with Credit Cards
• Online Top Up to Transportation Cards
• Single Ride and Disposable Ticket Issuing
• Banknote and Coin Acceptance
• Exact Change Back
• EMV and non-EMV Card Reader
• Receipt Printer
• Barcode & QR Code Processing
• Digital Signage
• Industrial and Secure Design Against Vandalism
• CCTV and DVR for 24/7 Real-time Surveillance and Monitoring