The main objective is to prepare multifunctional terminals designed to offer the services and payments of government offices. It includes features such as identity card issuing, identity card renewal, driving license issuing, driver’s license verification, residence permit card issuing, residence permit card renewal, tax payment, traffic fine payments with cash or credit cards, utility payment in a single terminal.

All transactions that may be carried out in all government offices can easily be done in a single terminal without requiring a desk officer on account of Elektronet Smart Teller’s innovative software and hardware.

Features of Smart Teller:

• Embosser Card Issuing/Dispensing
• Identity Card & Driver’s License & Residence Permit Renewal
• Document and Identity Verification
• Check Acceptance
• Banknote and Coin Acceptance
• Exact Change Back
• Credit Card Payment Option
• ICT & Magnetic & Contactless Card Reading
• Palm Identification
• Electronic Signature
• Barcode & QR Code Processing
• Video Conference
• Outdoor Cabin
• Digital Signage
• Industrial and Secure Design Against Vandalism
• CCTV and DVR for 24/7 Real-time Surveillance and Monitoring