Elektronet Smart Bus Station is designed to control and monitor the entrances/exits of vehicles with RFID systems and license plate recognition systems.

How Smart Bus Station Works:
• The RFID tag of the vehicle approaching the entrance tollbooth is recognized by the system and is automatically allowed to enter if defined.
• The information screen at the vehicle entrance informs unidentified vehicles with “Take RFID Tag”.
• With the integrated software, the bus station has access to data of the vehicle entrances and exits, so unauthorized entrances are automatically prevented.
• Drivers can purchase RFID tags and top up to their existing accounts via direct payment through Elektronet software integrated with the banking system.
• Upon request, the “Elektronet License Plate Recognition System” can be integrated with the Elektronet RFID System; therefore, the tags of the vehicles can be linked with license plates, and in doing so settlement/reconciliation issues can be prevented.
• Each RFID tag keeps the registered vehicle and customer information on the main server.
• When the customer enters SSL certified payment screen by providing their credit card information, the amount is withdrawn from the customer’s credit card and automatically transferred to the account of the relevant merchant.
• Through a terminal installed in the bus station, the customer without an RFID tag can buy a new RFID tag with cash. The merchant’s accounting department may monitor sales reports online.