Every drop of juice or smoothie you get from a JuiceBot is created within 48 hours of being placed inside our kiosk. High-tech stainless-steel containers protect the juice and smoothies from light and heat oxidation to combine freshness, customization, and convenience like never before. The JuiceBot flips distribution on its head by allowing the customer to personally create and bottle their own juice. Cold-pressed juice has optimal levels of nutrition for 48 hours after being cold-pressed.

JuiceBot Features:
• Customize Your Mix of Fruit and Veggie Blends
• Payment by Credit Card, Prepaid Card, Mobile and Barcode
• Production According to US Department of Health (FDA Approved)
• Self-cleaning with UV Light After Each Juice is Picked Up
• Automatic Shutdown in Pre-Determined Parameters
• CCTV and DVR for 24/7 Real-time Surveillance and Monitoring