Digital Signage, which is considered the advertisement channel of the 21st century, is a closed-circuit broadcasting solution providing effective communication to all customers in all areas, regardless of sector and usage limitation.

Digital Signage operates within the principle of showing dynamic data such as news, scrolling text, weather, traffic and road information, financial information as well as image, video and other graphic contents through various monitoring systems and software solutions.

The content may be managed remotely via network structure (IP network) with its remote access feature. It may broadcast in all digital media such as LED or LCD screens, digital open-air panels, VideoWall and kiosk and may plan the display times of broadcast content with the centralized timing feature.
Digital Signage solutions have 10″ to 105″ display options.

Digital Signage is quite advantageous in many respects:
• It provides cost advantage and time-saving through its multipurpose usage opportunity,
• It facilitates operational transactions with centralized management and increases productivity,
• It simultaneously enables announcement and information sharing.