Elektronet ATM Plus (+) blends human intuition with the latest technological advances to create a self-service ATM experience that can handle more complex transactions beyond simply withdrawing and depositing money. By enabling the ATM to offer the customers a seamless omni-channel experience, the merchant in turn frees up more time and reduces costs, enabling the merchant’s staff to focus on more high-value interactions. It is the new generation ATMs.

ATM Plus (+) Features:
• Banknote and Coin Acceptance
• Exact Change Back
• Interactive Touch Screen
• Electronic Signature Pad
• Document Scanner
• Barcode and QR Code Processing
• Receipt Printer
• OCR Currency Exchange Processing
• Check Provision and Refund Operations
• Biometric Identification
• Smart Locking Mechanism
• Industrial and Secure Design Against Vandalism
• CCTV and DVR for 24/7 Real-time Surveillance and Monitoring