Elektronet, offers research & development, design, manufacturing, maintenance and similar support services with its technical staff. Elektronet develops many international and local projects within the European Union’s EUREKA Group and TUBITAK TEYDEB group. While Elektronet continues its university and industry cooperation, it also develops projects with other technology companies in Teknopark within Yildiz Technical University and contributes to the current R&D ecosystem in Teknopark.
Elektronet focuses on employing and training qualified personnel in order to manufacture high quality products with international standards, and to increase international competitiveness with the product and production development support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
Elektronet gives priority to the university and industry cooperation in the development of research and development culture. It aims to increase the international competitiveness by ensuring that the relations between the private sector and public institutions are managed by the relevant non-governmental organizations and associations.