Through its experience for more than 25 years in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, Elektronet is a technology manufacturing company developing projects for public and private institutions operating in Smart City, Industry 4.0, digital infrastructure, banking & finance, and display technologies. Elektronet provides research & development, design, manufacturing, field support and maintenance services with qualified technical staff and experts in various fields.

Elektronet provides end-to-end solutions including hardware, software, and field support & maintenance services. Elektronet, through extensive certification for its products, contributes to the creation of national standards for technology products; making the service quality more sustainable and reliable for customers. Through its special design and manufacturing capabilities, Elektronet designs systems suitable to the demands of the customers and delivers them with experienced field operation teams.
Elektronet has led and contributed to numerous research and development projects with the EU’s EUREKA and TUBITAK TEYDEB research and development co-operation. ITEA 3, located within the body of EUREKA, is the consortium leader in the European Union R & D Program. Elektronet continues its university and industry cooperation, while also developing projects with other technology companies.

Elektronet aims to increase international competitiveness, as well as continuing its activities in the Smart City, Banking & Finance and Food-Tech sectors in the United States, Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe regions.